Monty Python Live (mostly) — July 20, 2014

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colourfulmotion said: F & G! :)

F - Favourite song

Ugh, you can’t ask me that! It’s either The Smith’s There Is A Light That Never Goes Out or You Can’t Steal My Love by Mando Diao. Or Writing To Reach You by Travis. Or Soothe Me by Beatsteaks. Or Tage wie dieser by Sportfreunde Stiller. I could go on. And on. And on. :)

G - Grade I hated

Like in school? I liked primary school and the 5th and 6th grade, I liked 10th until 13th grade. I didn’t particularly like what was in between because of puberty and horrible people in my class. I wouldn’t say I hated it because I did have great friends and I was never really dreading to go to school but if I had to pick it probably would be around 8th, 9th grade.

Thanks! x

somanythingstobeobsessedwith said: E R W X :)

thanks!! :)

E - Easiest person to talk to?

the boyfriend. And, less obvious, I just got a new colleague a few months ago and we didn’t spend that much time together yet but she’s awesome and we worked in the archive for a few days and talked for hours about everything and anything and it really made me want to be her friend :)

R - Reason to smile?

When I come home and the dishes are done. Ahh, best feeling. Also: dogs.

W - Which celebrity i’d marry?

You’ve opened a can of worms there.. Jimmy Carr, James McAvoy, Stephen Mangan, Zachary Levi, and to make it 5: Manuel Neuer ;D

X - X rays I had?

Teeth? And Thyroid.

(ALSO I just noticed that I don’t follow you anymore?? what, how?! I can’t remember unfollowing you but tumblr acted up a while ago so it must be that?! anyway, following you again asap :)


Comedy Feeds 2014

Josh: Sitcom based on the stand up of Josh Widdicombe.

Fried: A new manager tries to motivate the staff of a fried chicken shop.

Parents Evening: Multi-character comedy set over the course of a school parents’ evening.

Flat TV: Two guys share a flat where real life gets confused with a fantasy TV world.

Vodka Diaries: Four girls share a flat and get up to no good.

In Deep: Two police officers plunge out of their depth when an undercover operation goes wrong.

Rude Boys: The antics of a group of friends in East London.

Other World: Surreal sketch show set in an alternative universe populated by puppets.

Access All Areas: YouTube star Jenny Bede plays a range of characters in a razor-sharp parody of music TV.

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By Jeff Hahn, 2013

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